5.14 Release Notes

  • Work Order Operation Due - This report prompts for Required Date and Operation Code.  It prints Open Work Orders by Operation Due, along with how many days the order has been at that stage.  (Note that # of Days for OC020 will be blank for orders created prior to Release 5.13.)
  • Sales Order Management - Designs can now display in Color Card colors in the Sales Order viewer.  
    • The viewer looks first for a color card for current Design and Customer, then for just the Design.  If no color card, the viewer displays system colors.
    • The viewer background will display if the system is set to display background colors in the following formats: Color, Product #, Product+Color, or Product+”-”+Color.  If no background file is found, the background will be white.

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"After adding EmbTrak, our color coordination staff was able to handle a 48% sales increase in March over the previous year's level with less overtime and no increase in headcount. EmbTrak has been a welcome addition to our business."

-James Howarth, National Services Manager, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf


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