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$159 129*  or  $119 99*

   per user/month                                           per user/month 
  Minimum 2 Users                                    Minimum 5 Users
  • Quotes/Sales Orders with Decoration & Personalization
  • Selectable Color Ways in Quotes/Sales Orders
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Process Work Flows from Preparation to Shipping
  • Work Lists for each Staff Member
  • Find Orders Instantly
  • In-order DST & U01 Thread Selection
  • Instant 3D Color Proof
  • QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  • ShipWorks/UPS/Fedex Integration
  • * Special 1st Year Price for New Customers -- Good Until June 30
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EmbTrak Optional Add-Ons

Customer Order Portal

Save staff time answering status calls. Let your customers securely log in to see the status of all their current orders. Data is automatically updated from your EmbTrak workflow system with your status codes.


The API allows EmbTrak to integrate with web stores, ERP and WMS systems, promotional products front end software and designer studios such as Inksoft.

Visual Scheduler

EmbTrak's Visual Scheduler is the only true machine scheduler on the market. It improves embroidery throughput up to 15% and lets you quickly plan the most efficient use of embroidery or screen print machines.

Shop Floor Control

Scans EmbTrak bar codes on work orders to record times and completion of each operation on the floor and move it to the next operation. Always know instantly where every work order is by checking its status in EmbTrak or on the Customer Portal.

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"We got EmbTrak to deal with rapidly growing volume which we could not handle with only QuickBooks and manual processes. Even though we have only been using EmbTrak for two months, it has already made us more organized and efficient and eliminated hand-written orders. It has also reduced mistakes, such as wrong logo, position or color by at least 50%, so it is quickly paying for itself in labor and garment savings. EmbTrak has met the goals we set when we bought it. I should add, customer service is great and Mary is absolutely wonderful to work with."

-Stacy Sesler, Owner of Midwest Punch Emboidery and Applique, LLC


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