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EmbTrak Enterprise includes all the power of Elite, plus it provides the extra features needed by branded apparel companies to decorate seasonal, high value, inventoried goods. It is the industry standard system for fulfilling decorated orders at leading golf brands, including Adidas, Antigua, Acushnet, Cutter & Buck, Greg Norman Martin Golf, Peter Millar, Taylor-Made, Summit Golf and more. And it is also used by other branded apparel decorators, such as Chef Works, the leading provider of apparel for the hospitality industry.

Sales Order Import Validation

Sales Order Import Validation

For most branded apparel companies, orders originate in their ERP system. Enterprise interfaces with those systems to import ERP orders. Orders can then be edited in the Sales Order Import Validation screen before they are converted to work orders and processed. In addition to visually confirming the selected file in the native file viewer, new designs can be created without leaving the screen, product information sheets can be opened by line item and configurable automatic validation checks are run to ensure the data is correct and complete. Import errors are detailed on a special error tab for corrective actions. Additional data is also used in Enterprise, including four more date fields, ERP PO, priority, stock source and a progressive sales order Status field. Everything necessary to quickly process quality orders is present.

Support for Seasonal Product Palettes

Support for Seasonal Product Palettes

Enterprise offers three tools in the Coloring screen not available in the Elite version. First, information sheets can be opened on each product line, to provide available size, color and special instructions to the colorist. Second, our proprietary color editor includes configurable 'Style Palettes' which can be created with up to 64 colors each to provide seasonal combinations from which to select. Third, 'Product Palettes' with associated notes can be configured and preassigned to each product/color combination in inventory. Typically, this setup is done by your product team prior to the introduction of a new line. As the colorist moves from product to product, the 'Product Palette' of available choices changes. This limits color choices, speeds decisions and ensures consistency in style and quality. In other words, EmbTrak ensures that decoration coloring supports your seasonal fashion decisions.

Color History Editor

Color History Editor

EmbTrak records the threads and inks used for each and every line item on an order. Then, when another order with the same account number, design and product/color is entered, EmbTrak automatically retrieves the previously used colors and applies those colors to the matching line(s). But what happens when an order has been shipped with the wrong color? We will not compromise the integrity of an order, but we want to be sure that the next time the colorway is retrieved, it will be correct. The Enterprise History Editor lets the user correct the saved colorway so that whenever the history is referenced, it will be right. Another assurance of quality.

Customize to Your Needs

Enterprise offers one further advantage to Branded Apparel customers--Customization. If your company uses proprietary methods in decoration, then you will want a system which accommodates those unique methods. It may be that Enterprise can be configured to meet your requirements. If not, then we can customize as needed. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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