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EmbTrak -- Integrating Art with Order Fulfillment

EmbTrak software is developed and supported by EmbTrak, Inc., which began creating innovative software in 1992. For over two decades, we have focused exclusively on the decorated products industry. We entered the decorated products software market because we saw a major need going unaddressed; namely, the lack of commercially available software that offered an industrial-strength, integrated system for embroidery and screen print order fulfillment.

There was already an abundance of excellent software packages for digitizing and networking equipment. But we found that ALL the software for embroidery and screen printing business management and order fulfillment was incomplete.  Yes, they could accept garment and product orders.  Yes, they could display JPEG pictures of stitch files and the art files.  Yes, they could accept entry of thread and ink numbers. But, in 1999 and still today, users of these popular and widely used 'embroidery and business management software' programs still had to go OUTSIDE these programs and use digitizing software to view stitch files and create proofs.  Then they had to create a JPEG which could be imported into their order in order to see a picture of the logo.  Finally, they had to copy and paste or rekey all the design and color information into the order from the outside software. The same for Adobe files.

We saw the need for a system capable of fully integrating art development and color coordination with order fulfillment…a system that could support all embellishment operations, from order entry through art preparation and production, at the most demanding companies in the world.  We saw the enormous productivity gains to be made by users being able to view and color stitch files and Adobe files INSIDE the order fulfillment software.  EmbTrak has provided this integration since 2000 and is still today the only commercially available software with this capability.

EmbTrak products meet the need for real integration of art with the order system. The fact that EmbTrak Enterprise is now used by most of the leading golf apparel companies in North America is a testament to our hard work, dedication, and success.  We are now working to bring these same improvements to small and mid-sized embroiders and screen printers.

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EmbTrak, Inc.

asi/52298 (USA)

PPAI Associate Number 768712

2507 Wade Hampton Boulevard
Greenville, SC 29615-1167

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The more I work with EmbTrak, the more I have come to appreciate its capabilities and efficiency as a workflow processing system. The ease of interface and simplicity of data mining/retrieval make... Read More

Eric Hann
Bermuda Sands Apparel of Embroidery Operations Manager

"Why did we choose EmbTrak? A scalable system was number one on our
checklist. We tend to operate outside the norm (as far as everyday production processes) usually seen in the textile and... Read More

Steven Prehoda
Downstream Manufacturing & Outfitters of Co-Owner

The proofing feature in EmbTrak has dramatically improved efficiency and accuracy in communicating the many details of orders with customers. Our customers, sales reps, and production team have a... Read More

James Hedges
Simms Fishing of Customer Service Rep

The proofing feature in EmbTrak has dramatically improved efficiency and accuracy in communicating the many details of orders with customers. Our customers, sales reps, and production team have a... Read More

James Hedges
Simms Fishing of Customer Service

"We got EmbTrak to deal with rapidly growing volume which we could not handle with only QuickBooks and manual processes. Even though we have only been using EmbTrak for two months, it has already... Read More

Stacy Sesler
Midwest Punch Emboidery and Applique, LLC of Owner

"After adding EmbTrak, our color coordination staff was able to handle a 48% sales increase in March over the previous year's level with less overtime and no increase in headcount. EmbTrak has been... Read More

James Howarth
TaylorMade-Adidas Golf of National Services Manager

“EmbTrak makes training new production operators much easier by providing detailed thread-up instructions, a list of required cones, a production dispatch list and a printed Work Order with a color... Read More

Lori Young
Dunlop Sports Group of Production Supervisor

"It's a beautiful thing--you select a Work Order, you select a design from the customer's dropdown list, you click ‘Match’ and all the thread colors come in, and you're done!"

Kim Washburn
Dunlop Sports Group of Color Coordinator

“I love EmbTrak. I can do the color coordination on an order in about half the time it took without EmbTrak.”

Tara Cutts
Fairway & Greene of Color Coordinator

“EmbTrak is the best thing you’ve ever done for our business."

Sales Rep
Antigua Group of IT Department

"October was the highest sales month in the history of Antigua. It was so busy that even the VP of Operations was in the warehouse picking product for orders. However, the Order Coordination area,... Read More

Chris Devous
Antigua Group of Director of Development