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EmbTrak Implementation Services For Licensed Sites

EmbTrak Enterprise and Elite both integrate with other systems to provide a complete solution to the needs of decorated products businesses. Implementation time for installation and training will vary depending upon the scope of integration desired, the size of your business and the components to be installed. The information below is intended to provide an idea of what is typically required. Times are business days and include not just the work, but also the lags of normal business communication and interference between schedules.  Note that Elite can be implemented with or without interfaces. Below we describe only the implementation process for sites which license EmbTrak for on-premise installation.

The success of your business hinges on developing and using business processes which give you the edge over your competitors. EmbTrak embodies business processes and best practices we have identified or originated over the past twenty years working with the most successful decorators in North America. We will work with you and your staff to implement EmbTrak in a way which leverages the software to support business processes which meet the unique needs of your company.

Base Module
EmbTrak uses the Teamwork Project Management system.  At the initial project planning meeting, contact information will be shared, a tentative project plan will be presented as a starting point and key members of the client team will be added as participating users to Teamwork.  The agreed project plan will guide all work and provide accountability for results.

Installation 1 to 2 days. The Base module provides built-in integration with QuickBooks (for Elite only), sales order entry, catalog support, work flow, work orders, reporting and management of customers, products, art and coloring. We will remotely install your EmbTrak database and teach your IT resource to install the EmbTrak program on each workstation on the network.

Business Configuration   4 days. The EmbTrak database is initialized with industry standard values for data lists, such as decoration positions and art statuses. Workflow routing begins with a default series of operations. EmbTrak will work with your project leader to initially revise these values to match your requirements. After training is complete, another review will be done to ensure that the go-live values recognize the unique needs of the company while fully leveraging EmbTrak’s capabilities.

Data Import 3 days. The following types of information can be imported into EmbTrak:

  1. Design files (.AI, .PDF, .DST, .UOn, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP). EmbTrak has developed an import utility which can automatically import your current art files into a new designated file folder and record metadata (data about each file) into the EmbTrak Design Library.
  2. Fabric background bitmap files. EmbTrak provides all new users with a set of bitmap files which are used to create simulated fabric backgrounds for .AI and stitch file images. We can import additional bitmaps at any time.
  3. Customers and Products. EmbTrak can directly import your product and customer lists from your ERP or QuickBooks and optionally create customer account numbers in the process. Account numbers are highly recommended for growing organizations.
  4. One time imports can be done for information from other sources but will require additional time.

Manual Interfaces  TBD. Flat file imports can be created to import information using our API from web stores, company web sites, front end order tools such as InkSoft and even ERP systems. A time and cost projection will be provided for this type of work.

Training 14 Days. Training can be done either primarily on-site or primarily using remote technology such as Zoom. The on-site option is more expensive and will necessarily take members of your staff away from work on a few back-to-back training days. With the remote approach, teaching can be done in smaller groups for shorter periods of time spread over multiple days. This encourages trainees to use EmbTrak between training sessions and lessens disruption in their daily work. The following presumes a remote approach.

  1. Train EmbTrak Administrator and Power Users. 10 hours in 1 to 2 hour sessions spread over two week period.  Your EmbTrak Project Leader should attend this training.
  2. Train Customer Service Reps. 5 hours in 1 to 2 hour sessions spread over two week period. Starts after first week of EmbTrak Administrator and Power User training.
  3. Art and Color Users. 8 Hours in 1 to 2 hour sessions spread over two week period. Starts after first week of EmbTrak Administrator and Power User training.
  4. Follow up training for all users 30 days after Go-Live. 1 Hours for question/answer.
  5. Follow up training for all users 60 days after Go-Live. 1 Hours for question/answer.

Elite and Enterprise API--Optional
This module is required to automatically interface with other systems. These can include web sites, web stores, InkSoft, and other design studio products and ERP systems such as SAGE ERP 300, SAP Business One and Dynamics. EmbTrak staff will provide a time and cost projection for any automatic interfaces required.

Production Management and Bar Code Shop Floor Control--Optional
Training and Configuration   The installed EmbTrak database includes default machine, labor and operations data which provides a starting point for configuration of these modules for screen print, embroidery or both. Your site specific machine configurations will be added as part of the 10 hours training for the Production Manager/Supervisor and Schedulers. Supervisors can use provided illustrated handouts to train production workers in the use of the barcode scanning system.

Implementation of these modules should not start until at least 30 days after the Elite/Enterprise Base Go-Live date. This will give the production supervisors and operators an opportunity to become comfortable with the printed work orders and the general workings of the EmbTrak system.

This area is one where on-site training is recommended over remote training.  7 Days, either remote or on site. Follow up training of supervisors for 1 hour after 14 days, 30 days and 60 days.

 Give us a call at 864-292-5888 or email us at

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