5.9 Release Notes

  • Color Coordination 
The Order List dropdown fields are now configurable.  The existing Order List dropdown currently displays Work Order Number, Company Name, Address Line 1.  Your choices are now:
  • Order Number
  • Work Order Suffix
  • Customer Account Number
  • Billing Address Company
  • Shipping Address Company
  • Cancel Date (Enterprise version only)
  • Order Date

Please contact EmbTrak Support if you would like to modify the fields displaying  in your Order LIst dropdown with one of the above choices.

  • Automated Logo File Export Utility

The Automated Design Export Utility describes two applications of the EmbTrak Api and Api File Export utility that are expected to typically used together.

  1. Design Image Export - Can be set as a Windows Task to automatically export all or new and modified design files from an EmbTrak design file directory to a target directory as image files (.JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, .GIF, or .BMP) at a regular interval, such as every day at 8 PM.
  2. Design Metadata Export - Can be set as a Windows Task to automatically export metadata from the Design Library for each stitch file.  It will be written to target directory as a pipe-delimited text file.

If you are interested in purchasing this optional feature, please contact Don Brown  (d.brown@embtrak.com)


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“EmbTrak makes training new production operators much easier by providing detailed thread-up instructions, a list of required cones, a production dispatch list and a printed Work Order with a color picture.”

-Lori Young, Production Supervisor, Dunlop Sports Group


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