Adding New Products

You can access the Edit Products screen from Products --> Edit Products on the main menu 

Or System - Administration --> Products

Create a New Product

  • Cancel from the Get Products screen
  • Click the + to Add a new Product.
  • Enter Product’s Number, Description, and Product Type.  New Products default to Active.  
  • Optionally complete any other product columns
    • Product Unit - Select from dropdown of Product Units. This is the unit in which this product is stocked.  To modify the Product Unit List, click on Edit Product Units or go to System - Administration - Product - Product Units.  (Informational Only)
    • Season - Select from dropdown of Seasons. This is the season for which this product is stocked.  To modify the Seasons List, click on Edit Seasons or go to System - Administration - Product - Seasons.  (Informational Only)
    • Quantity per Case - Enter the Quantity per Case that this product is purchased.  (Informational only)
    • Default Vendor - Enter the Default Vendor for this product.  (Informational only)
    • Mill - Enter the Mill where this product is produced.  (Informational only).
    • Created Using Process - Select which Process Type can be used on this product. (Informational only)
    • Region - Not currently used on EmbTrak 5.+.
    • Default Contractor - Select from a dropdown of Contractors.  This is the Contractor that will display when this Product is entered on a Sales Order.  To modify this Contractor List, go to System - Administration - Edit List Tables - List Data Editor - Contractors
    • Note: Right-click the column header area to select/deselect which columns to display.


From the Color/Sizes Tab, add Product Colors that are available for this Product

  • Drag and drop the desired colors into the Colors group box.
    • Note: Once a Color has been added to the Colors group box, it cannot be removed.  It can be deactivated by unchecking the Active button.
  • To add new colors to the Available Colors list, click Edit Colors.  Once you’ve saved the new color, you can then add it for this product.


From the Colors/Sizes Tab, add Size data.  

  • Add Sizes - Add the Sizes in which the product is available.  You can assign Sizes using a Size Range or by selecting individual sizes.  
    • Assign Sizes to the Product
      • Copying Sizes from Size Range - 
        • Select and Copy from a Size Range.  Size Ranges displayed have been assigned to the Product Type of the given Product or not been assigned to a specific Product Type.  If no Product Type has been selected for the given Product, all Size Ranges will display.  

        • .
        • To add or modify a Size Range, click Edit Size Ranges
      • Assigning Individual Sizes -
        • Click Show Available Sizes.  This will display all Active Sizes.  Drag sizes from this list to the Sizes grid.  To add or modify Available Sizes, click Edit Sizes.

      • Note: You cannot delete a Size once it’s been assigned.  You can deactivate a Size.
  • Edit Size Data - Size Data is made up of Availability (Active checkbox), Cost, Price and UPC.
    • You can assign Size data for the Product, when Size data is the same for all colors.  You can also assign Size data by Product Color, when SIze data is different for one or more colors.
      • Edit Sizes for All Colors - The Default mode for a new product is to define Size Data for all Colors.  In this mode, the Product Number displays at the top of the Sizes grid.  When Size data will be the same for all colors, check the applicable Active boxes and enter Cost and Prices for all colors.
      • Edit Sizes for each Color - To Toggle to this mode, click the “Edit Sizes for each Color” link.  In this mode, the Product Number - Selected Product Color displays at the top of the Sizes grid.  For each color, enter Size data.  While the Size data is not identical for all colors, the ability to toggle back to Edit Sizes for All Colors will be disabled.
        • Note: If Size data is the same for most colors, you can begin by entering Size data for All colors, toggle to Edit SIzes for each Color mode, then only change the Size data for the differing colors.
      • Helpful Hint: To save time when entering Size Data, you can highlight the field(s) on a row and copy/paste Size Data to one or more rows.


On the Positions Tab, add Positions (Logo Locations).  These positions will be available for selection in the Position dropdown when entering a Decoration on a Sales Order line.

  • Add Positions - Add the Positions that can be assigned for this product.  You can assign Positions using a Position Set or by selecting individual positions.  
    • Assign Positions to the Product
      • Copying Positions from Positions Set  
        • Select and Copy from a Position Set. 
        • To add or modify a Position Set, click Edit Position Sets.
      • Assigning Individual Positions 
        • Click Show Available Positions.  This will display all Active Positions.  Drag positions from this list to the Positions group box.  To add or modify Available Positions, click Edit Positions.
      • Unlike in Colors and Sizes, you can remove a Position selection from a Product.
      •  Select the unwanted Position from the Position group box and drag it back to the Available Positions list.

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