Using EmbTrak Support Center

After you have created an account in EmbTrak Support Center (instructions HERE), you can submit a support ticket. 

NOTE: While we ask your EmbTrak Power User be the main person to submit support requests, we understand that they will not always be in the office. Anyone can create an account and submit a support ticket. Requests for license codes (in version 3.x) may come from any user. Unless otherwise requested, your EmbTrak Power User will be able to view all support tickets submitted by your company (grouped together by domain email address). Other users will only be able to view their own tickets.

Visit EmbTrak Support Center or click on the “Submit a New Ticket/Check the Status of a Ticket” link under the “Support” section on the main menu of our website at

Login to EmbTrak Support Center using the account credentials previously created (instructions HERE).

On the main landing page, you can view all of your existing support tickets. Click the “New Ticket” tab to submit a new support ticket.

Choose a support category from the drop-down list (License Registrations are for clients using version 3.x): 

Add a CC or BCC if you wish someone else to be copied on the support ticket. You can also attach a file (such as a screenshot) directly to the ticket.

You will be emailed a copy of your support ticket once submitted and they will show on your dashboard when you first log in to EmbTrak Support Center. 

You will receive an email notification when your ticket has been assigned to an agent to begin work.

To expand a ticket, click on the Subject Line:

Replies to the Ticket will be shown here (you will receive an email notification when there is a new reply)

If a reply is needed, reply to messages directly in EmbTrak Support Center, not the email notification.

When the support issue is resolved, the status will change to “Completed” (or other applicable status; see below for more detail).

On your EmbTrak Support Center homepage, you can choose the status of the tickets you wish to view: Pending (includes all tickets with the status of New, In Progress, and On Hold), All (all tickets, regardless of status), New (not yet assigned to an agent), In Progress (assigned to an agent and being actively worked), On Hold (waiting on something: more detail from the customer, an answer from one of our developers, approval, scheduling, etc.), Development (handed over to development for consideration for a future release; no longer a support issue. These will also show under "Completed" so they don't show up with support issues that are active. If any when they are added to a release, the status will change the "Completed" and you will receive an email notification), Completed (resolved/no longer a support issue) or Incomplete (not an EmbTrak issue, unable to obtain requested details, etc). Unless otherwise requested, EmbTrak Power Users can view all the tickets submitted by your company. Individual users can only view their own tickets.

A few things to note:

  • Confining communication to support tickets helps streamline the service process by keeping everything in one place instead of keeping up with an email chain. You will have the ability to keep in communication with the same person through the completion of your support issue.
  • Logging a support ticket ensures that your request will be seen by the first available agent, not sit unanswered if the person you emailed directly is away from their desk or tied up with another matter.
  • Power users have access to all completed support tickets. If there is an issue that has come up before, you will have easy access to see how it was resolved previously.
  • Requests that are sent to development (for consideration for future releases) will be updated to “Complete” if and when they are moved into production, so you can be sure you don’t miss the inclusion of a feature that is important to your company.
  • This is a learning process for our support staff. If you have any suggestions to help us serve you better, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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