Because every one of our customers is unique, EmbTrak takes great pride in crafting equally unique Enterprise solutions that enable you to run your business faster, better, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. With over a decade of experience working with leaders in the embellishment industry, we're in an ideal position to develop and implement a customized system that meets your needs and streamlines your business.

Through our ongoing partnerships with major decorated products firms, EmbTrak has developed a thorough understanding of the most challenging, systems-related issues in the industry. We concentrate on creating total order fulfillment solutions that address digitizing, art management, equipment networking and business systems, designed specifically for companies doing high-volume decoration.

EmbTrak offerings include:

  • Software that implements best practices for the decorated products industry
  • The first and only commercially available solution to tightly integrate stitch file color assignment and history with the order fulfillment process
  • The most efficient methods in the industry for creating “rainbowing” instructions to optimize thread changes and machine utilization
  • The most advanced embroidery and screen print production scheduling solution in the industry
  • An enterprise-class dynamic order workflow system
  • Licensed components, such as our proprietary 3D art file viewer and automated repeat order coloring utility

To learn more, call us at 864-292-5888 or email us at

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The more I work with EmbTrak, the more I have come to appreciate its capabilities and efficiency as a workflow processing system. The ease of interface and simplicity of data mining/retrieval make EmbTrak far more useful than others that promote "flash" over realistic manufacturing substance. Well done, EmbTrak Team.

-Eric Hann, Embroidery Operations Manager, Bermuda Sands Apparel


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