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There are many things about a production floor which a computer cannot 'Get'--things like the different skills each of your staff has and the benefit of completing one order versus another when you must make a choice.  But there are calculations which a computer can do in an instant that would take you hours. Forty years ago, Industrial Engineers broke down the elements of embroidery production and screen print production into many component actions and calculations. For example, a timestudy of the embroidery process can be run by a computer for every work order on your schedule, calculating run time based on color changes, stitch speed, threading time, number of pieces, number of heads, machine trims, etc. Same approach for screen printing. Why would you even try when a computer can do that so well? EmbTrak harnesses that power to save you time figuring out schedules so that you can do other things which have a positive impact on your profit. The screen shot below of an EmbTrak Visual Schedule gives you an idea of what we're talking about. Call for a demo.

2016 07 05 Embroidery Sched

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“I love EmbTrak. I can do the color coordination on an order in about half the time it took without EmbTrak.”

-Tara Cutts, Color Coordinator, Fairway & Greene


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