Two Clicks for a Color Proof--WOW!

For some time we have considered the best options to provide digital proofs to customers for approval.  One way is to send an email to the customer with the art in the email. The second way is to set up an art portal on the web, put the art into the portal and ask the customer to log in to see the art and approve it.

The art portal is a trendy approach, but we found three problems with it.  First, it takes more clicks and more time to push up art files and approve than just sending them with an email.  Second, a significant number of customers are less comfortable logging into an art portal on the web than reading an email.  And third, an art portal takes time and money to set up.  It is only practical when on a central web server, so the decorator has to store files on a server they do not control.  Other vendors offer a art portal subscription to decorators which costs in the range of $75 per month and up.  We concluded that the art portal approach may sound trendy, but it means users are paying for what is actually a lower level of service than email provides free.

We chose email, which we can send uniquely well because EmbTrak is the only order fulfillment system which integrates logo file(.DST, .AI and others) into the order program.   An EmbTrak user selects the design and selects ink and thread colors.  With stitch files the thread colors display on the order screen.  In other words, its all in EmbTrak.  With other decoration order systems, the user must go outside the order program to other software to see and color the stitch file, then save it as a JPG.  Finally they have to copy the JPG into the order and retype the threads or inks in the order. All that work to create a single proof. 

With EmbTrak, the user colors each design and colorway using the integrated tools.  Then, the user clicks the 'Email Color Proof' button.  EmbTrak assembles the products, the logos, the threads or inks from the database and renders the colored logos as a series of Proofs in a single PDF and attaches the PDF to the draft email.  The user adds a personal note to the email and clicks again to send the email. 

That's it.  Two-clicks creates and sends an email containing all the proofs for the order. With other systems--5 to 10 minutes MINIMUM.  With EmbTrak, 30 seconds TOPS.

If you are an Express or Elite customer you have Color Proofs with your next upgrade. If you are an Enterprise customer you will receive the Color Proof feature at no charge when you upgrade to Version 4.  If you can't wait and want to have it retro-fitted to your Version 3, call us for a quote.     

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"After adding EmbTrak, our color coordination staff was able to handle a 48% sales increase in March over the previous year's level with less overtime and no increase in headcount. EmbTrak has been a welcome addition to our business."

-James Howarth, National Services Manager, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf


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