It is our goal at EmbTrak to leverage computer systems to help decoration company managers and owners be the best in the world.  That's where this blog will be focused.  Many of these blog articles will appear in our EmbTrak Newsletter.  For most companies, a newsletter is a glorified sales flyer--98% 

focused on product.  Our newsletter will include some product information, but its focus will be business process improvement.  We have helped leading decorated apparel brands and now smaller decorators dramatically improve quality, cut costs and decrease turn time.  We want to see those approaches used throughout the industry.  We believe what we have learned can benefit companies of any size. 

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Don Brown, Founder and CEO of EmbTrak, July, 2013                   

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The proofing feature in EmbTrak has dramatically improved efficiency and accuracy in communicating the many details of orders with customers. Our customers, sales reps, and production team have a higher level of confidence in the custom work we are doing. We’ve also been able to meet the demand of increased order volume with the time savings. Overall result? Improved customer service experience, reduced errors, and our business is more profitable.

-James Hedges, Customer Service Rep, Simms Fishing


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