Workflow Control

Dynamic Workflow

For many small decorated products companies, workflow can be a simple process of a few fixed steps.

Industrial-scale decorated apparel production offers a sharp contrast, with potentially dozens of possible operations. EmbTrak Enterprise’s Workflow Control functions can match the exact level of granularity you need to effectively manage your unique order fulfillment operation.

EmbTrak Enterprise automatically configures the correct sequence of operations required by each work order based on its individual characteristics. The progress of each work order can be tracked as it advances through workstations across each of the operational functions. If a company uses the EmbTrak Barcode Scanning system, the paper work order can be scanned at each operation to advance its progress on the production floor.

Order Tracking for Visibility and Control

EmbTrak Enterprise provides instant order visibility to any user. Through the Work Order Dispatch screen, a user can select an order and see its current “Due” operation, as well as the date and time it passed through each completed operation.

The EmbTrak Enterprise Crest Staging Report enables management to rapidly gauge order fulfillment status and identify bottlenecks. Reports from the optional Barcode Scanning System can be used to improve productivity.

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The more I work with EmbTrak, the more I have come to appreciate its capabilities and efficiency as a workflow processing system. The ease of interface and simplicity of data mining/retrieval make EmbTrak far more useful than others that promote "flash" over realistic manufacturing substance. Well done, EmbTrak Team.

-Eric Hann, Embroidery Operations Manager, Bermuda Sands Apparel


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