Art File Management

Art File Management Provides These Advantages

Unrestricted Access to Your Own Company Art Files

Art and stitch files are a major asset for most decorated products companies. EmbTrak believes that these files should be continually available to any authorized system or user within your organization. We recommend that all such files be stored on a central file server within your company. Like any other authorized system or user, EmbTrak simply reads these files as needed, while you control outside access to them through your Windows network security settings.

 Some digitizing software companies require that to properly secure and quickly access your files, they must be read into their proprietary file server system. This means you no longer control access to your own files, and if you want to control access, you must pay hefty additional connection fees or purchase special software.

Art File Names

As a decorated products company grows, and the number of art files and folders it must manage expands from hundreds to thousands, or even tens of thousands, finding the right file becomes more difficult and time-consuming. Often, an organically-developed, “human friendly” file folder structure may be difficult for a computer program to intuitively navigate and associate each file with a specific customer. 

EmbTrak helps new customers reorganize their files through numbered filenames and range-numbered file folders. The EmbTrak Design Library can record up to 27 different fields of information about each design, such as “Customer Account Number,” “Description,” “Date Created,” or “Image Height.”

A search by specific account will display all the files associated with that account number. Scrolling though the records enables the user to see each actual stitch file design on the screen. Users can also quickly search the entire Design Library for designs that match a wildcard search–if "PGA" is entered in the Description field, then all designs that contain "PGA" somewhere in their description are listed.

Art Files and Color

DST stitch files are the worldwide standard for embroidery digitizing and machine operation because every embroidery program can read them and they will run on almost any legacy machine. DST files also do not store color information, which should be stored based on associations between file names, customer accounts, product/color combinations, and orders instead.

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“EmbTrak makes training new production operators much easier by providing detailed thread-up instructions, a list of required cones, a production dispatch list and a printed Work Order with a color picture.”

-Lori Young, Production Supervisor, Dunlop Sports Group


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