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EmbTrak is the only commercially available system which does not require that a user open another program in order to see native stitch files and .AI/.PDF files. There are three benefits from this which impact quality and speed:

1.    Saves Time.  The user does not waste precious time browsing through files and folders looking for specific designs.  The typical file lookup using Windows Explorer takes from 15 seconds to three minutes.  There is not just the time looking for the file, but the fact that one cannot be sure it is the correct file until the file is opened by a program which can actually read the file and display it.  Go ahead, try it out.  You will be amazed at the time spent.

 2.    Avoids Costly Mistakes.  In order to bring a visible file inside other decoration business systems, other programs must first convert the stitch file or .AI/.PDF to a JPG or PNG file and then bring the copied file inside the program.  In this case, the decoration business system never displays the actual file, but instead displays a copy!  What happens if someone changes the original stitch file or .AI/.PDF file and does not take the time to update the copy?  Another costly mistake!

3.    Ease of Proofing. Color proofs can be generated instantly from the original file inside EmbTrak (more on this in the next article--Email Proofs in Seconds).

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"Why did we choose EmbTrak? A scalable system was number one on our
checklist. We tend to operate outside the norm (as far as everyday production processes) usually seen in the textile and decorating industry. What drew us to EmbTrak is that they are as far from 'cookie cutter' as you can get. The EmbTrak team has been all ears since day one, building a system from the inside out instead of the outside in."

"They are involved every step of the way. "We can¹t do that" is usually not an answer we hear. Their knowledge of the industry and production processes allows them to ask the … read more

-Steven Prehoda, Co-Owner, Downstream Manufacturing & Outfitters


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