5.12 Release Notes

  • Get Screens - The Get screens for Sales Order, Work Order Dispatch, Color Coordination and Design Library now retain filters during the session and clear when you exit the session.
  • Sales Order Management - Inactive Positions and inactive Color Coordination Codes no longer display in the item line Position and Color Coordination Code dropdowns.  To set a Position or Color Coordination Code as inactive, go to System -> Administration -> Edit List Tables -> List Data Editor and edit the Active field on the Positions and Color Coordination Codes screens.
  • Print Reports - The Print Reports option is now organized into groups by type of reports.

  • Design Library - The Status field now has a tooltip which provides a full description
  • Design Library - File Attachments - You can now attach files to a Design Library record.
    • To start using Design File Attachments, contact EmbTrak Support.
      • You must be using at least SQLSERVER 2012
      • You will need to enable FILESTREAM tables in SQL Server.  This will affect all databases for that SQL Server instance.  Please contact your DBA to advise you and enable FILESTREAM.
    • To use:
      • On the Design Library record, click Attached Files

    • A window will open where you can Add, Open, Save As, or Delete attachments
      • Add - Add a file attachment for this Design record.  Browse to find the file on your network and select.
      • Open - Select a file attachment and Open it using an application on your computer.
      • Save As - Select a file attachment and save it to a location on your network.
      • Delete - Delete a file attachment from this Design record.

    • The Design Library screen is the only place where you can open these design file attachments.  They do not print as part of a report out of EmbTrak.

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