5.10 Release Notes

  • EmbTrak 5.10 and higher requires Microsoft.NET framework 4.6.1.
  • Design Library - The Design Import now ignores single-point stops.

  • Automated Color Card PDF Export Utility - The Automated Color Card PDF Export Utility uses the EmbTrak Api and Api File Export utility. It can be set as a Windows Task to automatically export Color Card report PDF’s for new and modified Color Cards to a target directory at a regular interval such as every day at 8 PM.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact EmbTrak.

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The proofing feature in EmbTrak has dramatically improved efficiency and accuracy in communicating the many details of orders with customers. Our customers, sales reps, and production team have a higher level of confidence in the custom work we are doing. We’ve also been able to meet the demand of increased order volume with the time savings. Overall result? Improved customer service experience, reduced errors, and our business is more profitable.

-James Hedges, Customer Service Rep, Simms Fishing


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