Design Proof

First Available Version:  4.15
Available in Editions:  Express, Elite, Enterprise

Proof Layout
Order proofs are produced by DesignProof.mrt.

Order Proof

The Page Header section is framed at the top of each page.

  • At left, the header includes Customer, Order and, if present, Purchase Order.
  • At right, the header shows the image by the name DesignProof_HeaderLogo.png at the location defined by the CorporateImageDir value (see Important Settings below).
The Colors Panel is shown on the left side. This panel is designed to show up to 25 colors, if necessary--the current limit of EmbTrak.

The Design Area (center) shows a real-time image export of the decoration (color-accurate to the work order), the height/width of the design (per the statistics in the design library), the number of stitches, and process to be used to apply the decoration. Note that number of stitches is suppressed if the value is zero (because the file is missing, has not been analyzed, or because it’s a screen print or other non-embroidery decoration).

The Decoration Header appears in the top right just below the corporate identity image. It contains the product description and product number, the garment color, the name and number of the design being shown, and the position/placement of the decoration on the garment. The Product Image is shown just below it. Information in the Decoration Header can stretch all the way to the Colors Panel (right-justified), so very long product names are supported.

The Page Footer contains text advice to the reader, the date the report was generated, and the page number/number of total pages.

Important Settings

The design proof uses several settings to locate the various images displayed. Note that if an image is unavailable at runtime, the space it occupies will appear empty. All images are fit to the available space, preserving the original aspect ratio.

CorporateImageDir defines the folder location for the image in the top right of the proof. This is intended to be corporate signage, but could be any image. Roughly half the page width is set aside for it, so the image can be much wider than it is high and still display properly. Note that the report looks specifically for a file called DesignProof_HeaderLogo.png.

DecorationExportDir defines the folder location which is used as a temporary space for the export of decoration images in preparation for assembling the proof report.

ProductImageDir defines the folder location for the Product Image on the proof. These images must be supplied by the customer and formatted as Product Number_Garment Color.PNG.   If a specific product+color-based image is not available, the report will look for Product Number.PNG.  If a specific product-based image is not available, the report will look for DEFAULT.PNG and, if available, it will offer it instead.

Example Filenames: 111211.PNG

File Locations
The three new settings are newly available on the File Locations dialog.  Set these values based on where these new directories are located.
User Interface

User Interface Changes
The report can only be accessed for orders that do not have Pick Tickets.  It can be accessed from two places in EmbTrak:

Sales Order Maintenance
The Print and Email buttons on the Sales Order screen are both now dropdowns offering “Sales Order” (formerly Print and Email/Order functionality, respectively) and “Design Proof” options. Print/Design Proof shows the PDF of the proof report directly; Email/Design Proof generates the proof report and pops up the in-program email client with the report attached.

Color Coordination
The Print button on the header is now a dropdown and an Email dropdown button has been added to the Color Coordination screen. The Print dropdown shows “Work Order” (former Print functionality) and “Design Proof” (show the PDF of the proof report). Email/Design Proof, generates the proof report and pops up the in-program email client with the report attached.

Email Client
Each EmbTrak User must have an email address set up with their UserName in Users & Groups.  When the email client is displayed for the proof report, the email fields are being populated, if possible, with:
  • To: email for the order’s customer
  • Subject: (Customer Name) Proof Sheet for (Order Number)
  • Body: “The proof for order (Order Number) is attached.”

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"October was the highest sales month in the history of Antigua. It was so busy that even the VP of Operations was in the warehouse picking product for orders. However, the Order Coordination area, using EmbTrak Enterprise, didn't break a sweat handling the record volume."

-Chris Devous, Director of Development, Antigua Group


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